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We are Intershippings-inc.

Intershippings-inc. is an international company specialized in the art of shipping and logistics. With an expansion spanning over 200 countries through continents known, it stands as an agent promoting international trade hence business and the economy are stained.Our network of delivery sees the movement of goods and services to customers and business firms. Intershippings-inc. takes full advantage of transport resources such as through rail, sea, and the endless networks of road. Customers and our business partners have access to communication with our representatives. Intershippings-inc. also boasts of an ultra-modern e-business tactic for better online bookings and logistics. We are overly interested in the needs of our esteemed customers, striving to give them the best, our best.With years of shipping solidifying our experience in the field and the hearts of our business partners, Intershippings-inc. will continue to stand firm in ensuring the safe delivery of goods. No one ships it better and no one moves it better.



Timeless support

Our doors are open to business and support without limitations to time. This means that our customers can get across to our representatives on a 24 hour- 7 days a week scale.

Quality driven

Nothing fuels our zeal to deliver better than the need to give our customers quality. Time and experience have proven that our standards are incomparable leaving behind smiling face and zero compromise.

Global service

Intershippings-inc. boasts of a wide range in shipping service with our figurative tentacles extending through cities and states to deliver with class.

Reach your destination 100% safe & secure

Our mission

International trade is soley dependent on the transportation of goods and services. At Intershippings-inc., we are charged with the duty of giving our customers satisfaction through quality shipping and logistics, taking full advantage of all means of transportation and resources which we can muster up

Our Vision

There is no limit to how far trading can occur if the right amount of effort is put. Irrespective of the boundaries; be it political or social, keeping transportation of goods and services from progressing, it is our vision that men and women will able to get across to each other in business without fear of hitches while shipping occurs.