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Storage is like a hotel room for your stuff! Your storage unit is constructed with concrete and/or steel and has a concrete floor. Units are minimum of 8′ high and come in a wide variety of sizes. The space has its own door — either a regular swing door, or a roll up door, which has a latch where you place your own lock and you keep your key! It’s sort of like a large safety deposit box! Move in: Units are rented in 4-week increments There is a minimum rental period of four weeks. Rent starts on the day you move in. There is no need to sign a long term lease – rent is every four weeks. During: You can access your unit during our extended access hours 7 days a week, 6am-11pm. (Some sites even have 24 hr access!) We have multiple payment options for your convenience.

Our mission

International trade is soley dependent on the transportation of goods and services. At Intershippings-inc., we are charged with the duty of giving our customers satisfaction through quality shipping and logistics, taking full advantage of all means of transportation and resources which we can muster up

Our Vision

There is no limit to how far trading can occur if the right amount of effort is put. Irrespective of the boundaries; be it political or social, keeping transportation of goods and services from progressing, it is our vision that men and women will able to get across to each other in business without fear of hitches while shipping occurs.



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Our customers remain the greatest source of our strength & pride. You are the reason we are hard bent on giving you more than expected. Therefore we we make sure to provide professional support for all our customers

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We deliver to all our esteemed customers on time and on schedule

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With Intershippings-inc. there's no discrimination in our sourcing. We welcome every bit of idea to make our world a better resourceful place. Always the best service.


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